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Hello all.

I am an Equipment Designer by education and profession. Currently my job is related to furniture and Interior Design, but I have some random professional works for clients in the car and components industry.

Some of you around will know me, other won't but that's normal. It's been a while since I "chopped" something but it's a passion that still lives within me. I've been around this digital world since the 90's... it's been a long but fun journey.

Sadly I've lost track of most of my older works... long story... moving around a lot and changing homes didn't help. I'll try to post all that I can find, little by little.

Seeing how this digital work evolved to this date amazes me and I am proud to have once contributed to it. I truly hope I can motivate myself to put some of my ideas on new projects.

Have fun everyone... I'll be around.

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