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My name is Daniel, I am 16 so far and I've been chopping hard and steady for a good solid 4 years or so. Maybe even more.

I mainly do this for fun, as a hobby but I do hope to maybe take it a bit further in the future, I also do CG art and illustrations/concepts, I am a freelance photographer and have done freelance work for both a local magazine here in town and for a car magazine called "RĂ¥ner'n" here in Norway (which is being put down, unfortunately), I've also done a Guest Article for and I'm fortunate to get to do more in the future for them.

I consider myself quite versitile when it comes to style, and I on purpouse try to make cars in various styles to mix it up a little.

You can see my chops, art and illustrations on my DeviantART profile here:

You can also find my photograph's on my second DeviantART here:

I am up for grabs for some commissions, but only when I have time from school, work and other projects for competitions or what not. Both in Art, drawings or chopping, so please request your Autemo project to go to me if you wish to hire me for whatever you might want.

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