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Hi everyone! My name is St├ęphane, i'm 43 yrs old, I'm originally from Ottawa but now residing in Montreal. I've been attempting to chop cars, trucks, etc..since 2007. As you'll see, I like to keep things sleek & simple. Although i'm just a novice at best, and I know I'll never be a pro like most of you master choppers out there, I still do this for fun, and to past those long, cold winter days...LOL!

I haven't done many since me & my wife have 7 childrens to take of, but I do find time to enjoy myself. I do this for myself and not for others, thats why I keep having fun. For all of you out there, I do find a lot of encouragement and ideas from your renderings to keep me going. So keep up the good work!


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