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- use Photoshop since summer of 2007
- 2006 - 2011 studied at the UAS Zwickau (Automotive Engineering)
- 2009 - 2011 was active in the Formula Student (Alumni Teamleader Frame & Body WHZ Racing Team UAS Zwickau)
- 2010 - 2011 writes Diploma (Automotive Engineering) at Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz)
- 2011 - 2013 works at Daimler AG (the cars with the stars XD - called Mercedes Benz) in the construction of doors (Mercedes Benz GLK)
- 2014 - today workes at BMW - supporting the serial production (doors) BMW i3 & BMW i8

- chopping via Photoshop
- geocaching



Check back soon.. (it's too late in the night and I've run out of redbulls I need to finish this area :P)