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I am from Oldham England but live in Sydney Australia.

I am an avid PC gamer. i play BF series games for a clan called AEF. i run one of the teams called Devils Brigade and can be found on TeamSpeak or online in the game

My other passion is cars. i love them, love reading about them, love watching them and now love chopping them.

i have dabbled in Photoshop on and off over the years but am still only a learner. i have no training and even now seek tutorials to do some of my work that i imagine. i love blending cars to make new creations as i do not know how to brush yet. C&P bits and pieces to create on screen whats insdie my head takes quite some time. i have recently discovered the pen tool but only for selecting a cricle path around rims....not sure how else to use it though.

my chops do not always come out the way i want de to my PS skill level and i have difficulty in finding donor parts like wheels, interiors and back ground images

Any help is much appreciated



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