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****** Straying from the stereotype of the vast majority of design services available, I offer an almost unlimited range of options. These range anywhere from digital renderings based on client sketches to advanced photo manipulation techniques of your choice. My skills were founded from varying sources including, but not limited to:- ******

****** 14 years of personal, self taught methods fuelled by my passion for contemporary design, both digital and traditional.
A Strenuous 1 year course in digital design, graduating at the top of my league.
A 2 year course in "3DSMax".
Nearly 2 years working in the gaming industry, my roles varying from texture design to car design and everything in between. ******

I feel that strong motivation pushes me to achieve the best in all aspects of the work i do. Whether it is photo manipulation, photo touch-ups, design rendering, posters, digital touch-ups or logo design - you can rest assured that the service is offered by me to cater for your needs. If you require any information about further services not listed here, or any enquiry that you need answered then feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. ******

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