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Artist Level
Pro Tuner
Preferred Style All Styles
Country Netherlands
Website drgofast.com
Twitter stephanonunez
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My name is Stephano Nunez
I'm a 27 year old Argentinian artist living in Holland.

- Digital artist
- Online Marketing and Social Media Professional
- Techno Expert
- Website owner -- www.DrGoFast.com
- Car nut
- Independent Music Producer
(example:--> http://potholesinmyblog.com/dr-gofast-jean-et-aleman/ )

Been featured in several car magazines in the past ... MAX power/Redline etc
Have seen my chops turn up on various locations online and at international car and tuning shows without my consent. ... but... I still bought the print anyway ... :P



Check back soon.. (it's too late in the night and I've run out of redbulls I need to finish this area :P)