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Hello everyone!

My name is Matt Wirtz. I was Mechanical Engineering student at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. And currently work as a Product Engineer doing contract work for John Deere.

Today I am 23 years old. I got into chopping back in 2006 when my tool of trade was Microsoft Photodraw, then Adobe Photoshop Elements. I know have Photoshop CS5 at my disposal.

In total I have anywhere from 50-60 chops but this site I'd like to reserve my best for this site. I design and airbrush body-kits of my own but I'm the type of chopper who focuses on an overall realistic look in the end. I also have 4 reworked images for a private video perch firm for their website. That is my only paid client to date.

Pro or Bust!

Hope you enjoy my work and give me a buzz for future work!

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