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I'm the Chita Designer.
My name is Felippe Basso Domingos.
I am 20 years old, born on 26/12/1992.
I live in Po├žos de Caldas - Minas Gerais, Brazil.

I do not know if you know it, but every Brazilian loves cars. And with me was no different. As a kid I started to get interested in them, and began making drawings with pencil, paper and rubber. :P
At first I was afraid to take risks, learn something, but I was researching, looking for tutorials, and always trying to learn who is better than me. It was ever thus, even today, and always will be. One thing that I say, no matter how good you can, you never know everything, there's always something to learn from someone, it is more beginner.

I am in this world of the Virtual Tuning 6 years, each time making less chops, for lack of time. Anyway, when we get older, comes more responsibility, but surely, I will never stop doing what i love so much.

With this bit I described about my 'career' has already given to you know me a little. ;)

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