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Hi :D

My name is Adrian. I am 15, I am from Poland and I am in a wheelchair.
I am interested in sport, particularly in car racing, football and automotive graphics.
I like classical music, travels, LEGO and cookery programmes.
I don't like unfair treatment and dishonest people.
My favourite car is: Shelby GT500 and Nissan GTR

When I started to be interested in VT?
I suppose, that when I watched Fliox chops in Operation Tuning (this is polish programme) year 2007, later I was trying to make something in paint ;D
after several failed attempts, I decided to end with this, but some three years ago after watching many films on youtube I decided to go back, but unfortunately I didn't have Photoshop so the next plan went into the trash. And finally in 2011 after many attempts I bought Photoshop. I am very lazy in my progress, so I make chops only for a contest :D :D, but I have aspirations to be as good as hugo silva or Iacoski.

I always liked to draw so i decided to join to autemo. Enjoy

And now you know everything about me you should know so get out :D :D :D


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