An interesting wheel...

An interesting wheel. Whilst I do have to replace two tyres on my Mazda Tribute shortly and am considering throwing in wheel changes as well, I don't think I'll go for this one...

I've seen these featured in some motor show a little while back. I think they're wicked, but while I personally wouldn't ever find a use for them, I still like seeing these crazy and new ideas.. And I gotta say I'll never be one to be interested in those damn ronal teddy bear wheels XD
wierd rim.. but i'd like to have it.. at least you can check how you look in it. ( in a healthy way :-d )

teddy bear ? hhh very funny xD
Crazy_3azeb, I don't think it's metal, what you see in the middle, even though it might appear to look like it. It's the plastic glass, I can't remember what it's called, it's heck annoying. Give me a couple of hours, and I'll probably remember it :D

Plexiglass, that's what I was looking for. Correct me if I'm wrong, I just think that's what it's made of ;)
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nicklas.. you are right. i googled it,, i was fooled by it :)

also if u see the shadow it's not the same shadow as the front one. so it's not a Reflection :-d

they should make a rim out of GOLD sometimes xD
Crazy how big the rims can get

Crazy, there's already gold rims :D "Hit the corner on gold Daytonas" Snoop Dogg song ;) Not solid 24k gold though, obviously.

I hate that Donk stlye Sfdesignz, really, but the rims are mad :D
Those big rims style called the Southern style right ?? i see the balck ppl doing it in .. but it's sick man (( in a bad way :-q )).. also i wont bother my self climbing up and reaching the door.. it's not a Truck,, Duh !! =O

Gold rims ?? i think ppl are just having too much money and no imagination so they spent it in something not that beneficial.. if u know what i mean ?

but in another case Snoop is the Man :P
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