2018 Mclaren 720S Subtle

You may remember me, or maybe you don't. Been gone for 2 years since I didn't like the direction I was going. Well, I'm back(ish) and decided to start again with something simple. Yes the hard part was changing the reflections.




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Welcome back! Nice try. The basics are there and athmosphere is pretty cool.
I think the background needs a bit more work. Somehow it lacks depth a bit? You should maybe blur the edge of asphalt and water a bit. Also on the car some details are too dark. It is hard to see the details.
Thank you! I definitely agree on the backround. It was basically a last moment thing, and as for the car, I kinda was going for that look but I can brighten it up a bit.
Maybe like this??

Welcome Back really good work for somone who hasnt done this for a while, it just seens the car has way too much contrast in comparison to the environment

But really good work dude love the design!
Redz Design
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