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Hello, how do I change my nickname btw..

anyway, long time no making a chop due to my very very limited time while working as a real human.. hehehe

this time, is Honda Brio "SmileyFrog"







c&c are welcome, since this is my first time doing a light photography style, I need a lot input for future chop ;)
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Rear spoiler looks off. It just throws off the whole perspective on the rearview. Overall I think it is a nice effort, just lacks a bit on the finishing area on the lighteffects. Hard to excatly get across what I mean, but look at some reference pictures and compare it to this. ( I know it is hard, I did one like this few years ago)

And most importantly, welcome back! Hope to see you active here in future too!
Yeah I'm struggling to make the light effects since there's no exact reference -on this position and on this model car- for the light effect, but thanks for the input, I just realized after you said so, the rear looks off because of the spoiler

my next homework perhaps the perspective, hope I could be doing better perspective on it for future, thanks a lot.. xD
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Welcome back dude!! Nordic mentioned most of the issues, for me its abit too toony? but in places the brush work is very well done! i love the overall design too!
Redz Design
Thankyou, I don't know if it realistic or toony, but thanks, will take care of it later on to keep it more realistic ;)
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As long as this is in Novice, it's perfect. Nordic said it all, only one thing: don't dasmode it! Do not share this hi-res photo because we can find all the fails in it. It's great that you are working in this big size, but it's for you. You should share as perfection as you can, and sometimes it means smaller XXL pics. 1920*1080 is just perfect in my opinion.
Thanks for your feedback :) will be taking care of it on the next chop :)
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