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Hello to all! This is my Lancia Delta Concept, made ​​with 3dsmax, render in mental ray.











Thanks for visiting! :)
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>>>>> My Ferrari GTE <<<<<

>>>>> My Lancia Delta Concept <<<<<
It looks clearly more modern but is still instantly recognizable as an Integrale so superb work on that! The proportions look very good as well, nothing awkward in the car's shape. The modeling looks like it's been made with great care as well. I love the side profile render. The reflections on the side flow perfectly!

Just the lack details hold it back from making it look completely believable and realistic. There are large surfaces everywhere on the car and none of them have much details in them to draw attention to. For example, you are missing the essentials such as the turning signal lights, the reverse lights, chrome badges on the side of the car (maybe in the rear too) and you've also left out the door handles. Leaving them out is a vaild decision on curvaceous super cars (and even those things have something, at least a subtle button which opens the doors) but on this one with the huge and smooth sides, the door handles should be an obvious detail. Maybe a small air vent on the large c-pillar would have done wonders too.

Rear lights look fantastic! Front lights not so much. First of all, 10 polys around is definitely not near enough when the geo on the rest of the car is so smooth.

But still, even with all of my nitpicking, sweet work on this! I'm happy to see more 3d works here in autemo. :D

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Fantastic work, best concept of Delta i`ve ever seen. If they`ve made this Lancia would be back to its glory.
omg is so fantastic work that i cant believe it.... hope the lancia made somethink like this..when you find time make new version of fiat coupe :D
I love it! I would buy this!! And I have to agree with ollite on all details he mentioned!
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I'd buy that in a heart beat, how much would it cost to get that produced?
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