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By jackdarton
Posted Nov 27 2011, 01:24 PM · Tags: toyota, GT86, Japan, Sports, News, New
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A couple of days ago, the Toyota GT86 was finally unveiled meaning that avid onlookers waiting in eager anticipation could feast their eyes on Japan's latest offering. I have to say, it's a looker and it's stayed damn close to the concept which is never a bad thing (Assuming of course that the concept was a good looking car, which in this case it was)


This beautiful piece of machinery is pumping out just shy of 200bhp, with all of that juice being directed to the rear wheels. Drift car anyone? At £30,000, it's not something you could afford to splash out on a track day with, unless of course you recently won the lottery with 5 or more numbers. Toyota have yet to release official performance figures for the GT86, but we don't think they'll disappoint. It's a nice relief for me personally to see the Japanese auto-maker going back to their roots by producing what we hope is a worthy successor to the legendary AE86.

With the nitty gritty detail out of the way, let's focus on the potential this thing beholds for our Photoshop-wielding wizards. I've already said it's an absolute stunner - the only controversial things that will undoubtedly grow on me are the rear lights. Nothing that can't be 'shopped away right? No doubt we'll see some of our resident choppers trying their hand and modding the GT86, with me personally making sure that any that do are featured in our weekly Facebook pick.

Get your tablets out... or mice... or whatever the hell you use to chop and show us your take on this awesome sports car.