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By jackdarton
Posted Nov 20 2011, 02:24 AM · Tags: General, Upkeep, News.
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So here we are, the first official blog entry from the staff here on Autemo. On the new blog system anyway. As the title of this entry implies, it's been a tough few weeks/months for us. One of the most prevalent occurrences being the untimely passing of one of our respected, extremely talented artists; Ɓukasz (MiecZ_Design). Staff and members alike are all distraught to hear the news, and send our deepest condolences to his family.


Moving on to business; we'll be updating the blog more often in the future now that we've got the system fully figured out, meaning we can bring you some sweet news and the latest updates right here without you needing to rake the forums for information. You'll be kept up to date on things like competitions, Chop of the Month will be returning, we'll also be bringing in some sweet new features such as user contributed content (News articles, artist interviews, chop features, that kind of thing)

I'll leave this entry short and sweet, it's more of a heads up of things to come to make sure we keep you in the loop. Our main goal is ensuring that our members don't feel left out in the cold and can access Autemo the way we intended from inception.

Stay safe guys, and have fun!