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By Klaus
Posted Oct 28 2011, 01:28 AM · Tags:
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With a lot of suggestions being thrown around about the future of Autemo’s competitions, here’s my proposition.

Adapted from a system in place for the Gran Turismo Photomode Competitions on GTPlanet, I think this could be a feasible way for the competitions to operate.

When it comes to voting, the previous round's winner gets to choose the top 10 entries to make it to the public vote, and the base image for the next comp (meaning they're not allowed to enter). From the top 10 chosen entries, users have to rank them in the correct order (perhaps using the current drag and drop interface). This way I think it would be a lot more accurate and easier. It seems to be a system that works on GTPlanet ;)

I think this would combine both an expert element, as well as making sure the final decision is in the interest of the community as a whole, and not just a certain set of individuals we deem to have a greater judgement than other choppers.

Some might say that this system tends to neglect those of lesser ability, as they always seem to be missing out on the top ten and there is no appreciation of their works. Well to this I say, why don't we have two tiers? New Chopper / Intermediate and then Pro Tuner and above. With 30+ entries every round, and fairly equal distribution of entries in each of these brackets (the most recent Supra comp received just over 20 entries from Inter and under, and just under 20 entries from Pro and above) I think this could be a feasible way for these to operate.

Furthermore, from my experience of this system, it also tends to reward those who may not have any chance to win. For some, making the top ten may just be their goal, and so this will hopefully work to foster some of our up and coming rc-82s, MK211s and Jackdartons.

Comments, further suggestions and anything between? Post ‘em here!